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According to the United States Energy Information Administration, Texas is among the states in the country that consume the most energy. In fact, it ranks first in a number of categories where energy is concerned, including fuel generation and consumption. Although the state’s size is one factor, it doesn’t excuse homeowners from managing energy usage — and that includes taking care of their HVAC systems.

At Freedom Heating & Air, we believe it’s our job to help homeowners maximize the efficiency of their HVAC systems. Considering it’s the primary user of energy among all the appliances in your home, it’s important to make sure that it is in good shape. When you factor in the seemingly never-ending hot and humid summers in Desoto, Texas, your air conditioner becomes a lifeline.

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AC Repair in Desoto, TX

A breakdown can happen when you least expect it, and the expense of the repair can cripple your finances. This is especially true during the summer when your AC becomes a necessity for survival. In addition to preventive HVAC maintenance, it’s important that you contact an HVAC technician right away if you spot any of these warning signs that include:

  • Your system no longer provides the right temperature.
  • There are hot or cold spots throughout the home.
  • You notice new or unusual sounds.

HVAC Service in Desoto, TX

Preventive air conditioning maintenance is among our most popular HVAC services. That’s because it helps homeowners and businesses to benefit in several ways, including:

  • Improving the system’s capacity and overall efficiency
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Lowering monthly energy bills
  • Decreasing the risk of a costly breakdown
  • Extending the system’s life expectancy

At Freedom Heating & Air, we specialize in preventive AC maintenance as well as:

  • Residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning service
  • Air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation
  • Specials and financing on our HVAC products and services

If you’re in need of immediate air conditioning repair or service in Desoto, Texas, contact Freedom Heating & Air at (214) 306-8456. We look forward to proving why we’re considered to be one of the best HVAC contractors in the Lone Star State.

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