Your HVAC system is vital to your comfort during the hot summer months. Like your car or any major appliance, your ac system will show signs of failure before it fails. By paying attention to these signs, you’ll have time to start preparing to upgrade to a new unit, should you need it. But when should you decide to buy a new system instead of choosing a repair? It’s not a decision to rush, but you should consider these factors when regarding your comfort.

Age of your Existing HVAC System

Air conditioning systems can generally last between 10 – 25 years. Exposure to climate can cause this time frame to change. For example, here in Texas, we’ve seen prolonged heat waves with extreme temperatures this summer. These conditions often shorten the HVAC system’s life expectancy. If your ac system is older, upgrading your HVAC might be better than a repair.

The health and efficiency of the ac unit also depend on proper maintenance. At Freedom Heating & Air, we recommend residential HVAC systems receive maintenance twice yearly, the first tune-up before the summer and the second before the winter. Skipping the recommended tune-ups will shorten the a/c system’s lifespan.

Improper air conditioner sizing also decreases the system’s life span. If your home calls for a 3-Ton unit, but it has a unit larger or smaller than it should, this could decrease the lifespan of the HVAC system. Keep in mind that manufacturers constantly update equipment. As the unit ages or newer models become available, certain parts may become unavailable or discontinued. A broken unit might be harder to repair the older it gets.

High Electric Bills

The energy bills in your home should stay about the same amount every month unless you’ve had an unexpected increase in usage. If your energy usage stays the same, but there is a noticeable or drastic increase in electric cost, it might be an indicator to upgrade the air conditioning system.

Unexpected High energy bills can indicate that your ac system is malfunctioning. It could be malfunctioning, losing efficiency, or a sign of old age.

HVAC Warranty Coverage

Your air conditioning system often comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty is usually honored when paperwork is submitted correctly, the ac equipment installation is done by a licensed HVAC company, and the unit receives proper maintenance.

The warranty period can vary depending on the manufacturer and can be voided for many reasons. So, it’s essential to research the warranty policy for your HVAC system. If your ac unit stops working and is within warranty, the repair cost could be significantly lower than if the warranty has expired or voided. If the HVAC warranty is expired, consider an HVAC upgrade.

Be sure to speak with the company that installed your equipment, the manufacturer, or try a local HVAC company to learn about HVAC warranty policies.

AC Refrigerant Environmental Impact

Your home’s air conditioning systems require refrigerant, a gas responsible for kick-starting your home’s HVAC system’s cooling and heating process. Depending on the age of your HVAC system, you might have either R-22 Freon or R-410A Refrigerant.

Refrigerant regulations have undergone many changes because of the a/c refrigerant’s carbon emissions and contributions to climate change. For this reason, the industry has gradually moved away from R22 Freon to r-410a refrigerant.

As R22 and R410a- Refrigerant are phased out, they will become more expensive as newer options become available. Not only does the cost increase, but availability decreases. Eventually, this will lead to a new HVAC system purchase.

Cost of the HVAC Repair

The cost might be moderate to very high depending on the repair needed to keep your ac system working correctly. When getting a diagnosis, ask if the recommended repair is a solution or a band-aid. A repair is sometimes better than a system replacement if this is a solution. Consider a replacement if the repair isn’t a solution but a band-aid instead. Band-aid repairs can mean repeat repairs, delayed ac replacements, and wasted money. Partial replacements can be an option instead of a complete replacement, so asking for options during a visit with an HVAC technician is essential.

Freedom Heating & Air Free Estimate for AC Replacements

If you opt for a repair instead of a replacement, keep these factors in mind as time progresses. Purchasing a new a/c system doesn’t have to be an unexpected purchase, and the decision to replace your air conditioning system in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the future can bring numerous benefits to your home and lifestyle. The advantages are undeniable, from enhanced energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality to consistent comfort, lower energy bills, and increased home value.

If you believe your a/c system will need to be replaced soon, contact our team of experienced professionals who can guide you through the HVAC upgrade process. We can help you choose the perfect HVAC system that suits your needs and budget. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your home into an oasis of comfort and savings.

Contact Freedom Heating & Air today to schedule a free estimate for a system replacement and experience the benefits of an upgraded residential HVAC unit in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

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