You’re sick of high utility bills. But you don’t know what else to do to improve energy efficiency in your Dallas, Texas, home. Perhaps it’s time you stop trying to take on low energy efficiency on your own. Professional HVAC maintenance relies on certified expertise to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

What’s Professional HVAC Maintenance?

Your car needs regular oil changes and check-ups to continue running well. Similarly, HVAC systems need regular maintenance to continue maintaining comfort in your home. The strain of keeping your home cozy wears on your system. As a result, it can reduce energy efficiency and increase the chance of damage. However, professional HVAC maintenance ensures that minor issues never escalate.

During a maintenance appointment, our certified service technicians thoroughly inspect your entire system for any damage or wear and conduct any necessary repairs. We will also clean the interior of your system and complete any additional care, such as calibrating your thermostat.

How Does Maintenance Improve Energy Efficiency?

The longer your system operates without maintenance, the more the unit will be affected by minor problems, causing it to consume more energy. As a result, it’ll raise your utility bills and decrease the system’s lifespan. The summer and winter months tend to strain your system the most, which is why we recommend scheduling maintenance in the spring and fall.

Professional maintenance improves energy efficiency by taking that strain off of your system. Getting maintenance on your system reduces the energy it draws and fixes any problems that may otherwise exacerbate wear. The cleaning process that our service technicians complete during maintenance also increases energy efficiency by improving airflow and preventing further strain from dust and debris. To kick up your energy efficiency another notch, we can also help you evaluate and improve your energy habits during a maintenance appointment.

Professional HVAC maintenance is the key to an energy-efficient home. To schedule your next maintenance appointment, call Freedom Heating & Air at (214) 306-8456.

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