An important element of your business’s success is your workplace environment. However, while you’ve likely done plenty to build a productive workspace here in Dallas, Texas, you may be neglecting one of the most helpful tools in your quest for greater success: your commercial HVAC system. Caring for your commercial HVAC system with professional maintenance will help you develop a successful, efficient, and healthy workplace environment. Here’s how.

Improve Productivity

Your workplace’s heating and cooling system is important to your employees’ productivity. In fact, a study from Cornell University found that when an office increased its temperature from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, typing errors dropped 44 percent, and typing output skyrocketed 150 percent. A well-maintained commercial HVAC system can reliably maintain an ideal temperature in your office. This ideal temperature will ensure your employees are as comfortable and productive as possible.

Reduce Operating Costs

Commercial HVAC maintenance can help you reduce operating costs by reducing the amount you spend on monthly utility costs. Over time, the strain your HVAC system experiences as it maintains comfort in your workspace will wear on the unit, causing it to draw more energy to meet your needs. Commercial HVAC maintenance involves a thorough inspection that will mitigate wear by replacing and repairing system components, therefore improving energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Increase Workplace Health

In addition to maintaining a comfortable temperature in the workplace, your commercial HVAC system also maintains indoor air quality. Filters in your heating and cooling unit catch harmful pollutants and other irritants that can cause allergic or asthmatic reactions and illness. Without commercial HVAC maintenance, however, your system may be unable to efficiently move air and catch pollutants. During a commercial maintenance check-up, our team can replace filters and ensure efficient ventilation so you and your employees can enjoy a healthy workspace.

It takes a lot to run a successful business, so let us help you improve your workplace with commercial HVAC maintenance. To schedule a professional maintenance appointment, call Freedom Heating & Air at (214) 306-8456.

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