Does your busy schedule make it difficult to keep up with both your home and the office? Fortunately, handling your house is easier than ever thanks to modern home automation features. With the right installations, you can manage everything from your security to your energy use from your desk. Check out how home automation can transform your Red Oak, Texas, home.

Smart Locks and Security Systems

Install smart locks on your home and you’ll never have to worry about whether you remembered to lock the door when you pulled away in the morning. You can control your locks from your smartphone to make sure your house is always secure. This feature also allows you to unlock your house remotely for repair professionals, your dog walker, or the friend who needed to drop by to pick something up. Wi-Fi enabled security systems let you keep an eye on home cameras from afar so you can lock up again as soon as the individual leaves.

Enhanced Home Comfort Systems

A smart thermostat is a powerful addition to your automated home arsenal. This installation will help you adjust temperatures efficiently both when you’re at home and while you’re away. Program your temperatures in advance to automatically adjust based on the hours that you’re typically at home. If you have to stay in the office late, just use your smartphone and the associated app to keep your energy usage low until you’re back in the house again. As a result, you’ll take a big step toward preventing high energy bills.

Remote Lighting Controls

Smart lights are easily controlled using preprogrammed settings or your smartphone. You can use smart lighting to make it look like you’re home even if you have to work late in the night. You can also pull out your phone to switch off all the lights in the home from the comfort of your bed so you don’t have to get up again after a long day.

A smart home can make it easier to manage both your house and your job. Learn more about the home automation features available from Freedom Heating & Air. Give us a call at (214) 306-8456.

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