Did you know you can enhance the performance of your HVAC unit with an air balance evaluation? As a result, you’ll increase energy efficiency and improve circulation. A balanced HVAC system will help create a comfortable temperature in your Waxahachie, Texas, home throughout the year. An HVAC service technician can test your home’s airflow and provide helpful advice tips about air balancing and quality.

Don’t Block Air Vents

One of the best ways to improve the airflow in your home is to not block vents with furniture or appliances. Vents need plenty of air to circulate and work efficiently. You might not even realize you’ve blocked a vent. Walk through your home and move items around if needed.

Change Your Air Filter

Another important maintenance task for improving air balance is changing the filter. You should aim to change yours every 30 to 90 days. As a result, you’ll help facilitate the free flow of air. We also recommend getting an air cleaner to clean your home’s air supply even better.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you have an older thermostat, now’s a great time to upgrade to a smart thermostat. As a result, you’ll save money on your energy bills.

We can install a new thermostat that you can control with your smartphone. You can even program different temperatures for different times of the day. It’s also a good idea to leave the fan for your thermostat turned on because continuous air circulation improves air balance.

Turn Off Heat Sources

Many home appliances create heat. If possible, shut off lamps, computers and televisions when not in use. Keeping the door to your office or bedroom closed will reduce the amount of heat generated by electronics. It’ll also keep your room cooler and more comfortable.

To improve the air balance in your home, consider scheduling a professional maintenance visit by calling Freedom Heating & Air at (214) 306-8456. Our team of expert service technicians stand ready to help with all of your HVAC needs.

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