Is it time to replace your air conditioner ? Mitsubishi ductless mini splits are a modern alternative to traditional ducted air conditioners. Split systems rate high in energy efficiency and offer Dallas homeowners a multitude of benefits.

Custom Comfort That Costs You Less

Energy efficiency is why so many residents prefer ductless systems. One reason mini splits consume less energy is that they don’t distribute cooled air through air ducts. Ductwork develops leaks and cracks; treated air is lost, and it costs you money. With a mini split, cooled air is delivered directly into a room via a sleek, wall-mounted indoor unit that controls only the temperature in that room or zone. With zoning, you can set different temperatures in different rooms and cool only the rooms you use.

Flexible Solutions for All Your Cooling Needs

Traditional ducted systems are an all-or-nothing proposition. Mini splits adapt to your needs. They can be used as whole-house cooling solutions or as air conditioning systems in smaller areas like home additions, garages and remodeled rooms.

Installation That’s Fast and Easy

Split systems are a breeze to install. Mounted indoor units require only a small, 3-inch hole to connect tubing from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. The entire installation can be completed in one day.

Advanced Air Filtration for Superior Indoor Air Quality

With today’s tightly sealed buildings, poor indoor air quality is an ongoing concern. Ductwork collects pollen, mold, bacteria, dust mites, pet dander viruses, insect droppings and other allergens that are continually blown into your home. These particles pollute your indoor air and can make you feel sick. Ductless mini splits feature multi-stage air filtration technology to dramatically reduce airborne contaminants.

ENERGY STAR Products Mean Eco-Friendly Cooling

Mitsubishi Electric Mini Splits are highly efficient and follow ENERGY STAR guidelines. The refrigerant, R410A, causes zero ozone depletion and reduces your impact on the environment. Meanwhile, greater energy efficiency reduces your carbon footprint.

To learn more about the benefits of mini-split zoning in your Dallas, TX, home, contact Freedom Heating & Air at (214) 306-8456.

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