When people receive their monthly electric bill in Midlothian, Texas, many don’t think about what’s driving up their electricity usage. You know to turn the lights off when you leave a room and unplug inactive electronics. But do you pay attention to your major energy wasters?

Air Conditioning Unit

It’s probably not a huge surprise that your air conditioning unit uses a lot of electricity. After all, you’ve likely seen your electric bills rise during the summer.

Fortunately, you can combat some of these utility bill spikes by being more conscientious of your system. Schedule maintenance on your system, so it runs efficiently during the year.

Check the filters regularly, and have your ducts sealed so no excess air escapes. Don’t leave the fan blowing on high all the time, since that typically wastes a lot of energy.

Cable Boxes and Gaming Consoles

Your cable boxes and gaming consoles drain considerable amounts of electricity throughout the day, even when they aren’t in use. Part of the reason is that many people fail to turn off these devices once they’re done using them.

Your cable box works similarly to a computer, communicating to provide up-to-date availability of the programming. That means that it’s very rarely sitting idle, which consumes a lot of electricity.

Furnace Fans

Gas furnaces use a lot of electricity in your home. The fans on your heater are usually electric, and it takes a lot of energy to blow the hot air throughout your home.

If you’re concerned about the high costs, you can invest in an energy-efficient motor. Similarly to your air conditioner, don’t operate your system on high all winter to save on energy costs.

If you need to schedule maintenance for your furnace or air conditioner, we’re the people to call. Contact Freedom Heating and Air at (214) 306-8456 to schedule an appointment today.

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