Home automation saves energy costs while increasing security, safety, control and comfort. If you own an older home or would like to take advantage of smart technology, there are numerous available options at very reasonable costs in the Grand Prairie, Texas, area.

Reduced Energy Costs

Smart features, such as zoning, adapt to your family’s heating and cooling needs in each area of your home. Smart thermostats control HVAC systems for optimum comfort, all while saving energy costs.

Improved Safety

Knowing what devices are on and controlling them is easy through your smartphone. Appliances or items like curling irons don’t have to be a worry after having left the home. You can turn them off remotely to avoid burn or fire hazards.

Enhanced Security

Automated lighting systems illuminate areas for increased security. You can also turn them on remotely from miles away from home. Motion sensors detect foot traffic to activate appliances, lighting or other devices as needed. They can sync with home security systems.

Ease of Control

Remotes, smartphones and other devices give the homeowner more flexibility to control automated home systems. No matter where you are, it’s an easy matter to check a system’s status or control a device or appliance. As a result, you’ll always know what’s happening in your home.

Greater Comfort

Smart homes have greater efficiency and manage heating and cooling resources to provide maximum comfort. An integrated system of thermostats, controls, sensors, and other equipment can learn the trends of you and your family. Good systems also help troubleshoot potential problems, giving you greater peace of mind. They can even indicate when you need system maintenance or when filters may need changing.

We can make your life easier with affordable home automation. You can trust the professionals at Freedom Heating & Air to give you great options at the best prices to improve your convenience and comfort. Give us a call at (214) 306-8456 to learn more.

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