It’s February, a month of many moods and meanings. For some, it’s a time of love, celebrated through Valentine’s Day and its various expressions of affection. For others, it’s a time of reflection and introspection as we move closer to Spring. It’s also an exciting time for American Football fans, with the season wrapping up with the Superbowl. As we think about what this month means, consider caring for your HVAC system in these four ways to express love to your family and prepare your home before the Spring and Superbowl.

Change Your Air Filters Regularly

An air filter is designed to remove pollutants, dust, and other particles from the air that circulates through the HVAC system in a home. For this reason, it’s an essential element of your heating and cooling system. Air filters protect the HVAC equipment by trapping dirt, dust, and debris, which can cause damage to the system over time. Show your HVAC love with regular replacement of the air filters. Filter changes help maintain efficiency and prolong the lifespan of the HVAC system. 

Repair the Air Ducts

Problems with the air ducts, such as leaks or holes in the ductwork, can cause problems with the comfort level of your home. Gaps in the ductwork, whether big or small, can reduce the air circulating in your home, decreasing efficiency. If the air is escaping from your ductwork, you are losing money. The unit uses more energy by forcing the air conditioning and heating system to work harder, increasing costs. For air duct sealing services, consider Aeroseal. Our technicians are trained to assist with duct sealing needs and are happy to help address concerns. 

Maintain Landscape Around Condenser

When planning your landscaping around the air conditioning system, leaving space between the unit and your chosen plants is essential. It is recommended that plants are at least 2-3 feet from the unit on all sides. Doing so will reduce air restrictions and improve airflow around the coils. Plan landscaping around the outdoor system to be easily accessible for maintenance and repairs.  

Schedule Professional Maintenance

At Freedom Heating & Air, we recommend semi-annual maintenance. Scheduling appointments once in the Spring and the second in the Fall. It might not seem like such an important task to schedule, but just like you’d schedule maintenance for your car every 5k miles or so, it’s essential to do so for your HVAC unit. A maintenance tune-up will address various issues with your heating and cooling system before problems arise. Ultimately, preventative maintenance helps your HVAC system run efficiently, have a longer life span, and require fewer significant repairs in the long run. 

Freedom Heating & Air HVAC Maintenance Services in Dallas

By showing your HVAC a little care, you can express love and appreciation to those around you by providing the most comfortable indoor heating and cooling possible. A homeowner can help ensure that their heating and cooling system runs efficiently, extend its lifespan, and improve indoor air quality. So, as we prepare to celebrate the Superbowl or welcome the Spring, keep Freedom Heating & Air in mind for your Heating & Cooling needs. 

Schedule a visit from a trained HVAC technician to avoid extra costs and fewer repairs for your existing heating and cooling system before any problems arise. Our maintenance plan keeps your heating system running like clockwork without stress or hassle. 

Call Freedom Heating & Air today at 214-306-8456 or contact us online to learn how we can help you improve your indoor air quality in Dallas! 

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