Everyone gets cash-flow problems, but if you skimp on air conditioning maintenance, you can increase costs instead of cutting them. In hot cities like Lancaster, one year of running an AC unit that hasn’t been serviced is like driving your car across the country without an oil change or a tuneup. The money you save will ultimately be lost somewhere down the road. Here are three expenses you can incur by skipping preventive maintenance:

1. Voided Air Conditioning Warranty

Most HVAC warranties remain in effect only while the unit receives scheduled maintenance. Cheating on even one tuneup could cancel your entire protection. You usually have to show proof of maintenance when filing a claim, so if you skip maintenance and something goes wrong, you’ll probably have to foot the bill for AC repair or AC replacement yourself.

2. Higher HVAC Energy Costs

Texas air conditioners work much harder than air conditioners in the north. To handle the extreme workload, they need annual maintenance. Built-up dirt inside the unit restricts airflow, places an unnecessary strain on the system and drives energy costs up. A whole summer of high utility bills can cost more than a tuneup, whereas a system optimized for high performance during maintenance can lower energy costs by up to 40 percent.

3. Increased Incidence of AC Repair

An experienced service technician will catch and correct potential repair issues before they become serious. A frayed belt, a clogged condensate line or a loose electrical connection can all cause your system to break down. Checking for these and other issues are all part of a tuneup, and that’s why preventive maintenance can reduce potential air conditioner repair calls by as much as 95 percent.

In the long run, preventive maintenance saves you money. Learn more about the many benefits of AC maintenance at Freedom Heating & Air. To schedule a tuneup, call us at (214) 306-8456. We maintain and repair Trane systems and all other equipment brands.

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