The HVAC system in your Texas home works hard all year long to make sure your family enjoys a comfortable indoor environment. With temperatures ranging from the 30s to the 80s in Cedar Hill, it’s essential that you take good care of your system so that it continues running at peak performance.

Although some HVAC maintenance tasks should be performed by professionals at Freedom Heating & Air, a Trane Comfort Specialist (TCS), there are some tasks that you can do to ensure your system remains trouble-free. These three DIY maintenance tips will help guarantee that you and your loved ones will be comfortable no matter what the weather may be.

Change Air Filters

Changing the air filters on your HVAC system is the easiest DIY task to perform and one of the most important. Clogged air filters restrict the airflow in your HVAC system and make your system work harder to distribute the conditioned air. Your indoor air quality also suffers because the filters aren’t trapping airborne pollutants, and your energy bills skyrocket because your system isn’t running efficiently.

Clean Drain Lines

When your AC runs, humidity in the air condenses on the cold evaporator coil and drips into a pan below. The water then flows through a drain line and is routed to the outside, a floor drain or utility sink. Over time, built-up algae can plug the drain line and cause flood damage to your floor. In some systems, the system automatically shuts off to prevent flooding.

Clear Debris

Grass clippings, leaves and birds’ nests are a few of the objects that can block airflow in your outside condenser unit. Periodically clear the debris inside and outside the unit, and keep plants and shrubs trimmed back 2 feet.

For more information about the HVAC service plans we offer, check out Freedom Heating & Air’s maintenance services or call (214) 306-8456. As a TCS, you can count on us to exceed your expectations on every job.

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