Home automation helps homeowners take more control over their security, lighting and HVAC systems from anywhere in the world. Discover how home automation can improve the comfort and security of your Midlothian, Texas, home with this handy guide.

Automated Home Thermostats

Automated home thermostats are perhaps the most popular portion of automated systems. Also known as smart thermostats, these units control every aspect of your home’s heating and cooling while also managing your home’s humidity level.

These thermostats work similarly to programmable thermostats, allowing you to set a weekly temperature schedule for your home while saving you money in the process. When you set a schedule, you can turn the temperature down or up when you’re not at home.

Smart thermostats can also ‘learn’ your behavior and adjust the temperature accordingly. This provides a foolproof way for you to have the best home comfort without any added effort.

Another awesome function of these thermostats is that they have internet connectivity features. By installing the app on your phone, tablet or other mobile device, you can adjust the temperature from anywhere. This is ideal if you’re coming home early or late from work, or if you forget to adjust your home temperature before you go on vacation.


Zoning is a process that applies different temperatures to areas of your home. Instead of having a single temperature throughout, zoning targets the hard-to-reach places in your home.

If you notice a draft in the winter, this system can put extra heat into that area — and vice-versa during summer. Not only does this provide excellent home comfort, but it also reduces energy waste in your home. You can also choose between various indoor and outdoor units to suit your specific heating and cooling needs.

Automated Security

Prior to advancements in home automation, most security systems functioned as deterrents and needed constant monitoring from an off-site, third-party vendor. While these systems are a nice addition to your home security, automated security systems work every bit as well.

Automated door locks are just one of these fantastic features. When you forget to lock up or the kids don’t do it when they leave for school, you can lock the doors with the push of a button. Some automated locks even send you an alert whenever doors open or close in your home.

Another automated security measure deters thieves from targeting your home while also illuminating sidewalks and driveways so you don’t fall or stumble. That automated system is your lighting. Once installed, you can turn your lighting off and on from a remote location, throwing off the plans of burglars.

You can also use a timer to turn on interior or exterior lights. That makes it seem like someone’s always at home. This also adds value to your home, if you ever intend to put it on the market.

Cost Savings

Although automated home systems have an initial cost that’s beyond their traditional counterparts, they provide savings over the life of the system in terms of both money and time. As soon as you get your first energy bill, you’ll know just where that money went.

You’ll also save money on lights that are left on when you leave, as well as money on gas when you would have had to go home to lock the doors.

Another bit of savings that you may not have thought about is the reduction of wear and tear on your furnace or air conditioner. By using these systems more efficiently, you won’t have to get repairs or maintenance as frequently as you otherwise would.

Home automation systems are one of the best investments you can make, protecting your family, improving comfort, and eliminating needless energy waste. When you need a professional team to install your home automation system

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