Home automation is the next big thing, and you might be wondering why. This exciting technology is rapidly catching on among Texas homeowners. Here are three excellent reasons to start adding smart components to your Lancaster home:

Comfort and Convenience

Wireless thermostats allow you to control your indoor comfort system from anywhere with a Wi-Fi-enabled device. You can turn down the heat after leaving for work and turn it back up so the house is warm and cozy by the time you get home. Smart thermostats can detect your presence in a room and adjust temperatures according to your preferences. They can turn up the heat in the morning so the house will be warm when you wake up. You can receive alerts from your HVAC system when it’s time to schedule maintenance, when the air filter needs changing or when something goes wrong and you need to schedule AC repair.

Energy Savings

When you combine a wireless thermostat with single-zone and multiple-zone cooling and heating, you can remotely control conditions in every room of your house. Multiple-zone systems are efficient; instead of heating or cooling every room in the house, heat or cool just the rooms you’re using. Single-zone cooling and heating is an energy-efficient solution in home additions, garage apartments, basement and attic remodels and other spaces without ductwork.

Safety and Security

A home automation app can keep your property safe. Link your security cameras to your smartphone and keep tabs on your property from anywhere. Automatic door locks ensure that the house is always locked up tight. Control lighting remotely so it always looks like someone is home.

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